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Episode Guide

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There are currently 48 episodes described here. There are known to be episodes missing. If you have description of a missing episode or have any other suggestions please e-mail me. The numbers indicate the order in which the episodes were broadcasted in Canada.

The city is attack by a giant flying dragon.

{Series premier}

Lucille's brother is kidnapped, hypnotized, and is used to control robot that makes sushi out of the people of Little Tokyo.

Bad Bird kidnaps the people on a subway train, including Lucille, and uses them to dig a tunnel to the vault underneath the palace.

A huge golden statue which grants wishes, for a fee, is used by the bad guys as a Trojan Horse to get into a rich man's house.

Princess Vi, bored of school, forces Speedy to help her find a ghost in the palace.

Polly Ester and Lucille become a hit in Little Tokyo as the singing group The Pointless Sisters. Little do they know that they are really a front for bad guys attempt of hypnotize the population.

Little Tokyo becomes a dump for toxic potato peelings, in exchange the rich get richer. Meanwhile, the Big Cheese tries to steal a Nuclear Potato that is on the ship.

Guido meets and falls in love with Ruby. But the Big Cheese wants Ruby dead, but for what reason?

The Princess wants to attend the festival as a commoner, so the Pizza Cats are sent to protect her. It's a good thing too, because Bad Bird trying to turn her into a dentist.

Speedy helps a kid search for his father, the inventor Prof. Ohm, who claimed to have invented something to increase the power of any kind of energy. The Big Cheese is holding him hostage to get him to apply his invention to their weather machine.

All the bad guys gather in a movie theatre to review their past failures to find a weakness in the Pizza Cats.

{Clip show}

After discovering the Pizza Cats are solar powered the Big Cheese has a satellite launched that will block out the sun. The Pizza Cats try to stop the launch but come up against the Rude Noise. Can they defeat them...?

No. The Pizza Cats travel to Guru Lou and try to convince him to give them a giant robot like the bad guys have.

The Pizza Cats have been getting a big reputation in Little Tokyo. The Big Cheese, now jealous, decides to build his reputation by sending a robot out to attack, but make the Big Cheese look like the hero instead of the Cats. Will it work?

The Big Cheese gets a picture of a potato farmer who looks mysteriously like Emperor Fred. Al Dente then sends the Pizzaca Cats to find the nanny that raised the Emperor, in hopes that she can identify the true Emperor. However, Big Cheese knows of the plan and sends the Ninja Crows and the Rude Noise to get her first.

The Big Cheese captures scientists to force them to build him a machine which will inflict the entire population with their boring personalities. The Big Cheese kidnaps a famous baseball player, who Princess Vi is a big fan of, and is using him in a baseball battle with the good guys vs. the bad guys.

Speedy makes a date with Lucille but he forgets that he also made a date with Polly to run some low level missions. He decides to zip back and forth between his engagements (say, didn't I see this on an old episode of "Three's Company"?). Between dates he uncovers the Big Cheese's plan to attack Little Tokyo with a giant Hot Tub robot.

Polly decides she needs to be less temperamental so she goes to a model school, which is really a front for the Big Cheese's plan hire some women warriors.

Big Cheese builds a robot that can bang out a hypnotic drum beat, thus enslaving the town.

The Big Cheese is short on cash and can no longer afford to pay his minions. As a result the Ninja Crows have to go find day jobs. Bad Bird takes a job at the Pizza Cat pizzaria (yet, like everyone else on the show, miraculously fails to recognize the Pizza Cats in their civilian clothes despite the fact they never take off their helmets). For the first time in his life Bad Bird knows real job satisfaction and is torn between his duty to live up to the evil legacy of his father and his desire to seek his own path to personal happiness. The episode foreshadows events to come in the series finale and Bad Bird and Speedy (who Bad Bird believes is named Fluffy) form a bond of friendship.

Princess Vi wants to make a movie so the Big Cheese, Guido and Speedy run an obstacle course which will determine the male lead.

A child becomes attached to the Big Cheese, so Princess Vi orders him to open a diaper cleaning service. The kid and the cleaning causes delays with his latest giant robot, the Samurai Stamper.

Francine is in love with a deer named Bucky, but her responsibilities cause problems with the relationship.

Speedy, Guido, Polly and Francine are sent to the suburban restaurants for incompetence and the Rescue Team take over the main emporium.

Emperor Fred comes down with a bad cold that actually leaves him (gasp!) coherent! Big Al Dente summons the Pizza Cats to go to Mount Coochie (Named after a Latin singer from Ohio) to bring back the CooCoo bird which will restore Emperor Fred's insanity and cure his cold. But the Big Cheese also has a cold and he sends Bad Bird to get the CooCoo bird first.

There's a flaw in the Palace but the architect is one the many who has been exiled to Prisoner Island. The Pizza Cats and Bad Bird race to find him.

Out of money, the Big Cheese builds the cheapest giant robot yet.

Speedy, Polly and Lucille are all becoming music stars, leaving Guido to depressed to save the city from the Big Cheese's singing.

The Big Cheese tried to take over by making Princess Vi fall in love with him, but he gets Al Dente. Meanwhile, Bad Bird meets his long lost love Carla.

The Big Cheese discovers an old legend about a flute that will call out forest pixies who will give you a treasure. So he collects all the flutes in Little Tokyo.

A pig from space, who gets attached to Speedy, is cute to start with, but when he starts eating...

After reviewing their previous encounters with the Pizza Cats the Big Cheese decides to combine the features from previous robots into one.

{clip show}

Spritz delivers a pizza to a town and is never seen again. Also Princess Vi tries to calm the townsfolk's fears about monsters has been seen around the town.

The Big Cheese hires a group sports fans who explode when emotions get high.

Bad Bird is back with a powerful weapon and challenges Speedy to a battle. Can Speedy defeat him...?

No. So he travels to Guru Lou for help.

The Pizza Cats travel to meet the New York Pizza Cats. The Big Cheese also goes to New York for a crime conference.

The bad guys pretend to be aliens and kidnap Princess Vi.

We discover why Princess Vi is so spoiled as her mom comes back for a visit.

The three Pizza Cats, Lucille, Bad Bird and one of Big Cheese's robots are among the entrants into battle for a date with Princess Vi.

All the Pizza Cats and the bad guys travel to the same spa for a vacation. Instead of fighting they have a truce, but will it last? Note: In this episode Al Dente says: "It is about time for a vacation, after 41 episodes it's about time we got one"

The bad guys steal the Magical Ginzu Sword and make a copy of it.

They build two robots, one which will make you money, which Speedy gets, and one which will lose you money, which the Big Cheese gets.

The Big Cheese builds a robot that can travel through time (a robot that looks alot like a Sgt. Peppers era Paul McCartney). His plan is to travel back in time to stop the Pizza Cats from being formed. Unknown to him the Pizza Cats are on their way to the palace to celebrate the anniversary of their formation. Big Cheese, Bad Bird, and the Cats accidentally get sent back in time with the robot and the Cats try to stop Big Cheese from meeting up with Jerry Atric and the Ninja Crowes. Contains a classic scene of a young Al Dente urinating on Guido's "Super Samurai Post".

The Big Cheese, Jerry Atric and Bad Bird try to ruin the reputation the Cats by posing as them.

Speedy and the Emperor get exiled and shipwrecked after ruining the Princess's pizza.

The Cheese dresses up as Santa Clause as gives a the children masks that won't come off.

Speedy and the Big Cheese have a fear of earthquakes. The robot Jerry Atric and Bad Bird are building only makes things worse.

In a last desperate act the Big Cheese diverts a comet towards Little Tokyo and black mails the city. Can the Pizza Cats stop the Big Cheese before he destroys Little Tokyo...?

No! With the comet hurtling towards the earth good and evil must join forces for the final battle to save the world.

{The series finale}

The story of how the actors got their job.

{A combination of clips from "Stop Dragon My Cat Around!", "Big Cheese Shows his Filmy Substance", and others.}

The following episodes were not shown in Canada
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