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Cat Ninden

[Dutch-flag] Dit leidt naar de Nederlandse versie.

The Japanese version of the Samurai Pizza Cats

The name of the Japanese version of the Samurai Pizza Cats is Kyatto Ninden Teyandee. The easiest way to refer to it, to distingish it from the Pizza Cats, would be to call it Cat Ninden.

A translation is difficult because the title contains a pun. Like much of this information the following quote is from Steven Waldman:

The name of the restaurant, the Pizza Cat is supposed to be pun on Pizza Hut. The city they defend is called Edoropolis, where Edo was the old name of Tokyo. The city is a mixure of high and low tech. You'll notice many houses that look like old style Japanese houses, but with satellite dishes. The population consists of mechas (robots) who can grow up and age.

The episodes of Cat Ninden have been edited for the English audience. Quoting Darwin O'Conner: According to the information from the Character Guide:

Speedy Cerviche

Speedy's name is Yattaro where, Yattaro means I'll fight you!, and taro is a common male name ending.
  • Height: 174 cm (4' 4")
  • Weight: 29 kg (66 lbs.)
  • Leader of Nyankee, waiter/deliverer for the Pizza Cat.
  • Weapons: shurikans and sword, uses a hidden second sword when he becomes angry and uses his secret weapon, the Cat's Eye Slash.
  • Native Edoropolis.
  • Has a crush on Mi-chan (Lucille).

Guido Anchovis

Guido's name is Sukashii which means show-off.

Polly Esther

Polly's name is Pururon, which is the sound of purring.

Seymour Big Cheese

The Big Cheese, who is a fox, is called Koun-No-Kami. Kami is a titel for a feudal lord, and a fox is in Japanese legends the epitome of cleverness and evil.

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